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Name:the money and the drink you are going to abuse
Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:Georgia, United States of America
I'm a sophomore in college, Rhetoric major. I have two cats, an insatiable want for knowledge, and apparently a death wish. I think with my heart, not with my head. I don't understand the point of cell phones that do anything more than call and text people. My camera goes everywhere I go. I have a bad habit of saying "lol" out loud like it's a word pronounced "lawl". I am very, very pale. I love computers and video games. I color-code my closet. I make flashcards for everything. I am a huge proponent of flip-flops. My friends are my lifeblood. I know the words to far too many rap songs and can speak them pretty much on-beat. I have to have access to the time at all times or I get antsy. I have literally cried over spilt milk. I used to create sims of the people I didn't like and kill them in various, angry ways. I have played strip Monopoly. I leave post-it notes with nice things in them in library books for strangers to find. I have been simultaneously in Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia. I get the most out of life that I can.

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21, a fine frenzy, about a boy, across the universe, alanis morissette, album leaf, anything by jodi picoult, being a backseat driver, being a walking emoticon, beth orton, chicago, cinematic orchestra, counting crows, damien rice, death cab for cutie, down with love, getting picked last for sports, having anthropomorphic tendencies with animals, having money burn a hole in my pocket, imogen heap, ivy, journaling, keane, looking better on paper than i actually am, loving most people, making colorful flashcards, modern skirts, most vocal trance., moulin rouge, mr. holland's opus, muse, never really liked 2), not doing much of anything, oliver twist; time traveler's wife, overreacting brilliantly, particularly salem falls and keeping faith, pirates of the caribbean (1 and 3, placebo, places and things, postal service, pretty woman, recycling aluminum, regina spektor, sarah mclachlan, saving baby seals from being clubbed, snow patrol, straylight run, sweeney todd; harper's island, the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay, the decemberists, the lakehouse, the mole, the polyphonic spree, the shins, throwing books i'm mad at at walls, tom mcrae, white oleander, zero 7
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